AOT Impact

April 2019

Annual Economic Impact

43.9 Million Overnight Visitors

$22.7 Billion in Spending 

187.1 Thousand Jobs

$6.9 Billion in Earnings

$3.37 Billion in Tax Revenue

$1,293 Tax Reduction per Arizona Household

Domestic Visitation

Calendar Year-to-Date Total



Overnight domestic visitation to Arizona accounts for 87% of our state's total visitation. This is a key indicator to monitor, as it's essential to measuring Arizona's total tourism volume. The data represents domestic visitation activity for the last calendar year, January - September 2019. Year-End Target: 38.3 Million.

Hotel RevPar

Fiscal Year-to-Date Average



Statewide Hotel Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR) gauges the strength of hotel rooms booked and visitor spending. This key indicator measures hotel room revenue divided by the number of hotel rooms available. This metric reflects the average statewide hotel RevPAR from July 2018 - February 2019 – STR.  Year-End Target: $80.58.

Lodging Tax

Fiscal Year-to-Date Total



Lodging Tax is a consumer-based tax on room rentals to “transient occupants” of Arizona resorts, hotels, motels, boarding houses, travel campgrounds and other such facilities. These taxes provide valuable insight into visitor spending trends. This metric lags by 60 days and reflects lodging taxes collected from July 2018 to January 2019. Year-End Target: $175,269,281.

Destination Marketing - Fiscal Year-to-Date

Social Media Engagement



Building off last year’s tremendous social media growth, AOT will focus this year’s efforts on increasing the engagement from consumers to the agency’s content on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. AOT's social media efforts are used to accommodate consumers wanting to share Arizona experiences. Additionally, it is used to expand campaign messages and support the year-round promotion. AOT's goal is to increase social media engagement by 1% year-over-year. Year-End Target: 218,552. 


Hotel Revenue per 1,000 Impressions



Last fiscal year, AOT employed tracking mechanisms to monitor the performance and effectiveness of our digital advertising program. This metric tracks hotel revenue produced after a consumer has been engaged by AOT’s digital advertising, which accounts for more than 40% of our advertising program. AOT’s goal is to increase AOT campaign specific hotel revenue per 1,000 impressions by 5%. Year-End Target:  $226.95


Global Earned Media



Generating positive domestic and international news coverage (earned media) about experiencing Arizona as a travel destination is vital to AOT's marketing program. This metric tracks the year-to-date total of earned media generated by agency efforts. AOT's goal is to increase the results of our work by 2% year-over-year. Year-End Target: 1,380. 


Website Sessions


225,420 is the principal tool in our consumer-marketing program. Advertising messages direct consumers to the website for more information about the Arizona experience. This metric tracks when users are actively engaged with our consumer website. AOT's goal is to increase website sessions by 2% year-over-year. Year-End Target: 247,611. 


Visit Arizona App



The Visit Arizona App is a key component in our consumer-marketing program. The app uses location technology and behavioral-data collection to deliver customized recommendations to travelers who use it. Additionally, we can see where visitors spend their time and what their interests are. This metric tracks the number of consumers that have downloaded the Visit Arizona App. AOT's goal is to increase downloads by 2% year-over-year. Year-End Target: 15,000. 


Industry Education - Fiscal Year-to-Date

Presentations & Webinars



AOT conducts informative presentations and webinars to promote the economic impact of Arizona's tourism industry, the importance of AOT's marketing role and partnering opportunities. This measurement represents the year-to-date total number of AOT presentations and webinars given. AOT's goal includes increasing these informative sessions by 5% year-over-year. Year-End Target: 62.


In-State Earned Media



To bring greater awareness of the economic impact of tourism to Arizona and AOT’s marketing programs, the agency works with local media to produce positive agency-and industry-related news. This metric tracks the year-to-date total number of articles produced regarding AOT’s program of work. AOT's goal is to produce more than 400 articles. Year-End Target: 420.


Communications - Fiscal Year-to-Date

Consumer eNewsletter Click-thru


AOT's consumer eNewsletter is a direct connection to consumers wanting to know more about Arizona's travel offerings. Monitoring the click-thru rates of the consumer eNewsletter helps determine the engagement and effectiveness of the communication piece. AOT's goal is to increase the eNewsletter's click-thru rate. Year-End Target: 5.50%.  


State Travel Guide Fulfillment



Arizona’s State Travel Guide is an important visitor resource used to inspire travel to Arizona. This metric monitors the year-to-date number of guides AOT distributes, along with the requests fulfilled from consumer inquiries. AOT's goal is to increase the distribution of guides by 2% year-over-year. Year-End-Target: 400,000.


Tourism Tuesday Audience



Tourism Tuesday is a subscription-based weekly eNewsletter sent to industry partners and provides insight into AOT's industry research, marketing programs and participation opportunities. This metric tracks the amount of year-to-date subscribers receiving the eNewsletter. AOT's goal is to grow the database by 2% year-over-year. Year-End Target: 3,320.


Product Awareness

Year-to-Date Total



Engaging with the travel trade is imperative to expanding our team of Arizona experts, and educating those responsible for selling our state as a travel package. AOT’s travel trade goals for this fiscal year include maintaining activities in established visitor markets while building relationships in emerging markets such as Australia. This measurement reflects the year-to-date total of tradeshow appointments and destination training sessions. AOT’s goal is to increase travel trade activity by 3% year-over-year. Year-End Target: 4,623.


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